Protecting the Rights of Birthfathers in the Adoption Process
Adoption Reform and Ethics

Most Americans would likely agree that infant adoptions are a wonderful opportunity and answered prayer for everyone involved; a family for unwanted children, a child for couples unable to conceive and new beginnings for unwed mothers and fathers who may be unable or unwilling to raise their newborn child.  The majority of adoption professionals nation wide work with these families to ensure that all adoptions have been conducted in a manner intended to uphold the highest ethical and lawful adoption practices and standards possible.   And everyone who participates in these adoptions benefits profoundly because of the professionalism and legal criteria held to by these adoption agencies and attorneys.

In the absence of a written U.S. code of ethics for the adoption industry, there is unfortunately a hidden element in infant adoptions across the country  that most people are unaware of - adoption practitioners who actively engage in unethical, unprofessional and sometimes unlawful practices.  Research shows that adoptions today are rife with conflicts of interest and unethical practices and that these practitioners make no attempt to monitor their own ethical standards or professional behavior resulting in adoption placements that leave everyone vulnerable and open to litigation in a court of law and subject to great emotional and psychological trauma.

The history of adoptions in America is often appalling; revealing adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents who have all endured incomprehensible suffering at the hands of individuals who have bartered away souls for financial or personal gain.  From the earliest days of America’s founding we find the documented wholesale distribution of children for cheap labor; the Orphan Trains of the late 1800’s; the Federally sanctioned Indian boarding schools where the ‘savage’ was educated out of children; the baby farming era between 1912-1921; black market adoptions by practitioners such as Georgia Tann from the Tennessee Children’s Home Society; and more recently wholesale adoption scandals such as have occurred in Samoa, Guatemala & Salvador where dozens of children were taken under false pretenses and placed for adoption in the U.S. to unsuspecting adoptive families.  Adoption has become an unregulated multi-billion-dollar industry with annual revenues reaching $15 million annually for some providers – an industry that must have intervention on a state and national level to ensure that ethical and lawful adoption practices and standards become the norm.  
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Birthfathers, in particular, suffer at the hands of unethical practitioners who deprive them of an opportunity to raise their own child.  They cause extreme emotional and financial hardships to families who are unjustly deprived of their children and they make a mockery of the rule of law.  These adoptions also hurt paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters who have been wrongfully denied contact with their own blood relative due to no fault of their own.  And finally they cause harm to improperly adopted children who eventually learn the facts of their adoption and realize that they were denied an opportunity to know their own biological fathers and extended families.

Adoption reform advocates across the United States are working tirelessly to effect adoption reform on a state and national level and many believe that one day a case will be presented before the U.S. Spreme court that will change the adoption landscape nationally.  In the mean time, our goal is to pursue adoption reform until it becomes law in order to guarantee equal protections for birthfathers and to close the loopholes that allow unethical and unlawful adoptions to occur in Idaho State.  We will also work to educate everyone we can about the existence and role of the Idaho State Putative Father Registry.    Click here for more about reform.

We endorse and promote the following principles in all adoptions:
  • Ethical & Lawful Adoption Practices & Standards
  • Federal & State Professional Standards 
  • Full Disclosure & Truthfulness to all Parties
  • Safeguarding Birth Father’s Rights
  • Protecting Children’s Birthright to be Raised by Biological Family Members

Our Mission: is a non-profit organization dedicated to enacting ethical and lawful adoption reform in the State of Idaho and to protecting the rights of responsible birthfathers to raise their own biological children whenever possible. 
Our Goals:
In order to achieve our goal of ethical and lawful adoption reform, we present  facts, documents and legal rulings for the purpose of educating the public; we promote ethical and lawful adoption practices and standards for all adoptions and we collaborate with other reform-minded professionals who share our goals regarding reform for Idaho birthfathers.
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