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Across our country today unwed birthfathers are fighting for the right to parent their own biological children who have been placed for adoption without their knowledge or consent and often in spite of their legal objections.  Here we include links to those stories so that you can learn more about what these fathers have endured at the hands of unethical adoption practitioners.

Two current cases in the news that reveal tactics used by some adoption practitioners:
Ramsey Shaud Case 
John Wyatt & Baby Emma
John Wyatt Case

Other cases in the news:
Jeremiah Jones
Samoan Adoption Scandal
More on the Samoan Adoptions
Tyson Sherwood
Cody O'Dea
Baby Tamia
Bryn Ayers
Marshall Island Scandal

Here is what other adoption reform advocates say about the need for adoption reform:
Evan B. Donald Adoption Institute
American Adoption Congress
Glenn Sacks on Tyson Sherwood
Glenn Sacks on Baby Emma Case
HOA v JA, FL, 2007,  Thomas Coleman response

Book reviews and recommended reading:
Title:  Fathers as Primary Caregivers
Author:       Brenda Geiger
Publisher:  Greenwood Publishing Group, 1996

Title: Adoption Nation
Author:       Adam Pertman
Publisher:  Basic Books

Title:  Ethics in American Adoption
Author:       L. Anne Babb
Publisher   Bergin and Garvey

Protecting the Rights of Birthfathers in the Adoption Process
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